Al Amal Al Sarea

Al Amal Al Sarea Company is the perfect choice for constructing and installing all types of sports fields, including Padel tennis courts, football fields, basketball courts, and more. Additionally, we provide high-quality sports equipment.
Based in the United Arab Emirates, we operate throughout the Gulf region.
We adhere to the principles of ‘Al Amal Al Sarea ‘ where customer satisfaction is our top priority.
We strive to offer the best services at competitive prices.
Our services include designing and installing sports facilities, equipping them with necessary amenities, and ensuring regular maintenance.
We pay attention to every detail to provide you with integrated and attractive sports facilities that reflect our professionalism and quality.
We are here to turn your vision of an ideal sports facility into reality.

The Services We Offer

We are a specialized sports fields company, focusing on designing and constructing sports facilities of all kinds, as well as manufacturing and selling high-quality sports equipment.

padel tennis court

Padel courts

Construction, installation, design, equipment and maintenance services for padel courts.

Football fields

High-quality installation of first-class football court flooring with maintenance services.

Basketball courts

Comprehensive services for equipping sports fields and supplying basketball equipment.

Volleyball courts

Professional equipment and setup for local or residential Volleyball courts.

Tennis courts

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Padbol courts

Innovative, high-quality surfaces designed with high professionalism.

Badminton courts

Flooring solutions that prioritize innovation and quality.

Handball courts

A wide range of innovative and high-quality sports options.

Goalball fields

Absorption shock & stable foundation for optimal athletic performance.

Running track surfaces

Providing a stable foundation to enhance athletic performance and reduce injury risks.

Cricket pitches

Flooring system with exceptional shock absorption properties.

Children’s play area flooring

Ensure safety and enhance fun play experiences for adults and children in various playgrounds..

GUM flooring

Innovative, high-quality surfaces designed with high professionalism.

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Our latest Projects

Alamal Alsarea is the best padel tennis court company in UAE

we provide our services for all the UAE. We build and install sports facilities, equip them, draw or carve line-markings and maintain them. Padel tennis is also a sport we are specialized highly for.
Padel tennis manufacturer. We work under the specifications of the Spanish international padel tennis standards in UAE

How We Work

Planning & Design

• Analyzing client needs and developing appropriate plans.
• Guiding innovative ideas and creating designs by professional sports designers.


• Providing comprehensive and competitive pricing for required products by a specialized and professional sales team.

Legal Documentation

• Drafting a legal contract outlining agreement on plans and pricing from both parties.
• Ensuring documentation of agreements and commitments legally and transparently.

Execution & Delivery

• Implementing the project with high quality and precision by the execution team.
• Following up with the client until completion and signing off on the handover document.

Customer Satisfaction

• Gathering feedback and comments from customers regarding the provided services.


We are proud of dealing with the best institutions and bodies and gaining confidence in the work, and our company had a high degree of responsibility in the implementation of projects