Basketball Courts

Basketball Courts

  • Al Amal Al Sarea Company has outstanding expertise in constructing basketball courts according to the latest international standards.
  • We offer comprehensive services, including infrastructure, premium acrylic and rubber granule flooring, advanced lighting services, reliable safety nets, and modern construction systems.
  • Our services aim to provide an ideal environment that meets the game’s requirements while ensuring maximum comfort and safety for players.

Basketball court dimension

International legal dimensions for basketball courts are 28 x 15 meters (about 92 x 49 feet), and 94 x 50 feet (28.65 x 15.24) in the NBA.
Stages of constructing a basketball court and specifications of materials used in installation.

Constructin & specifications of Materials

Stages of constructing a basketball court and specifications of materials used in installation:

Floor preparation works, include

  1. Leveling the floor: The surface of the court is carefully leveled to ensure that there are no defects or unwanted curvatures.
  2. Surface cleaning: The floor is well cleaned of dust, dirt, and any debris that may have accumulated on it.
  3. Installation of the asphalt or concrete foundation: After leveling and cleaning, a layer of asphalt/concrete is applied according to the required technical specifications.
  4. Surface smoothing: The surface is smoothed after applying the asphalt/concrete foundation using appropriate tools to obtain a flat and homogeneous surface.
  5. 5. Surface drying: The asphalt/concrete foundation is left to dry completely and set before applying the sports flooring.

Basketball Flooring

Basketball flooring is applied using the best materials such as Acrylic flooring, rubber flooring and vinyl, with various thicknesses that meet the customer’s needs and expectations, and are characterized by modern colors that suit the surrounding environment.

Basketball Line Marking

The court is defined from the outside and inside by clear lines 5 centimeters wide. The court is divided transversely into two halves of equal length, each half containing a shooting area represented by the basket (net).

Pair of basketball post

We offer a pair of basketball post in internationally recognized sizes, where the height of the metal ring on which the basket is fixed is 3.05 meters above ground level, i.e. 10 Feet.

The Lighting

  • Supply and installation of LED light with steel pole with connecting cable and main board
  • • The lighting devices on the basketball courts are set and installed in a symmetrical manner to illuminate the entire court.

Warranty Fencing

  • Supply and installation of fencing in various heights upon request made of pipes fully coated with PVC, wet polyurethane paint for corrosion protection that is certified green for sports fields.
  • 10 year color structural warranty on fence In addition to supplying and installing a double or single gate upon request.

Our services Include

Civil Works: Our experienced team handles all the necessary civil works for building the basketball court, including site preparation, excavation, and foundation laying. We adhere to strict quality standards to ensure the durability and longevity of the court.

Manufacturing and Supply: Using the latest technologies and high-quality materials, we manufacture basketball courts according to precise specifications. From fencing and flooring to lighting and nets, each component is meticulously designed to provide superior performance.

Installation: Our skilled technicians oversee the building process with precision and efficiency. We work closely with clients to ensure seamless integration of the court into the designated space, while adhering to schedules and budget constraints.

Maintenance Services: Al Amal Al Sarea Company offers comprehensive maintenance services to keep the basketball courts in optimal condition. From routine inspections to repairs and upgrades.

Post-Installation Services: Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond project completion. We provide ongoing support and assistance to address any concerns or issues that may arise.