Children Playground

Children's Playground

Promotes Imagination
Improves flexibility and balance
Social Development

Children's playgrounds

Children's play areas are especially important for our children of today. With the rise of technology taking hold in every household in all the world, social skills are expected to plummet for not only adults, but children as well. At such an early age, it is easy to delve into the world of the internet and video games, mobile games and the like.
There are several conducted by different scientists in regards to children's social skills. One of the key helpers in their social skills are playgrounds. Playgrounds enable children to meet other children and play with them, slowly learn what's right and wrong, experiment and grow as a person. They are the key hubs of creating enjoyable memories and experiences.

What Al Amal ALsarea Provides?

Play equipment such as:

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Playground furniture :

EPDM rubber
safety PVC foams