Children Playground

Children playground

Children’s play areas are especially important for our children of today. With the rise of technology taking hold in every household in all the world, social skills are expected to plummet for not only adults but children as well. At such an early age, it is easy to delve into the world of the internet and video games, mobile games, and the like.
Our products include play equipment for children, toddlers and infants. Plus we supply and install safety surfacing for all types of play area including play parks and playgrounds.
If you are looking for a complete adventure trail, some fencing or one of our outside shelters let us provide you with a competitive quote to supply and install your new playground.

Kids play area

There are several conducted by different scientists in regards to children’s social skills. One of the key helpers in their social skills is playgrounds. Playgrounds and kids play area enable children to meet other children and play with them, slowly learn what’s right and wrong, experiment, and grow as a person. They are the key hubs of creating 
We provide equipment for children’s or kids’ play areas. Slides, swings, tubes, and also offer rubber flooring for the safety of children.

Play equipment for schools

Al amal Alsarea manufacture and install play equipment for schools, nurseries and play parks
Al amal manufacture all the wooden play equipment at our workshop. We supply and install at schools, nurseries, play parks and holiday parks across UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman.

Children Playground in Ajman

Al amal Alsarea have years of experience in manufacturing and installation of bespoke wooden and steelplayground equipment for children. Our play equipment is designed for children of all age ranges and locations, including schools, nurseries, community centres, holiday parks and public play spaces across the UAE and children playground in Ajman.
We specialise in manufacturing high quality timber and steel playground equipment and creating beautiful outdoor play spaces with learning environments that give children the opportunity of free play and fun.
Child’s experience enhancing through the use of natural materials and the outside environment is proven to have positive effect on the development of children’s creativity, communication.

Children Playgrounds History

Anyone you can asl about their childhood memories and invariably they will conjure up images of summer days spent on the playground. It has become such an integral part of our lives that we can’t imagine a world where playgrounds didn’t exist. However, they are a relatively new addition to the urban landscape and only really became common through the course of this century.
Old playgrounds looked very different to what we’ve become used to today. Let’s take a trip through history and find out where it all began. We’ll start at by looking at the humble beginnings of the playground and follow its evolution through to the modern day.
Idea of creating a playground was first introduced in Germany, essentially as a platform to teach children the correct way to play. However, it wasn’t until 1859 that the first children’s playground was built in a Park in Manchester.
Idea of building playgrounds for children spread to the United States and in 1886 the first playgrounds started appearing in Boston. These early playgrounds were very crude by modern standards and definitely wouldn’t comply with health and safety regulations today. When playgrounds first emerged, they usually consisted of roughly built structures, made from iron, with sharp edges that could do a lot of damage if they weren’t used properly any way.
In these early days, playgrounds did not grow too much in popularity. It took until 1907 when US President Roosevelt properly introduced them. This brought about a new enthusiasm and propelled the idea further. Playgrounds became seen as a way to keep children off busy city streets, allowing them to develop their physical, mental and social skills through play in playgrounds.