Padbol was created in 2008 by Gustavo Miguens in La Plata, Argentina. The first track was laid in 2011 and elsewhere in Argentina such Rojas, Punta Alta, Buenos Aires. Then tracks in Spain, Uruguay and Italy.

Components of the court Padbol and its specifications in detail


Padbol court size

Padbol Court dimensions: 10m length x 6m width
Steel mesh thickness: 4mm (about 0.16 in)

glass Padbol

Tempered glass: 12mm thickness, stainless steel Screws with rubber. With glass supporng two panels Standard glass dimensions: 2m, x 3m Nailed of glass is style steel.

Flooring Padbol

Plasc Flooring with 5 years warranty
Essential details Color: Blue RED
Size: 25cm x 25cm
Thickness: 13mm
Application: Playgrands
Advantages: Non-smell; Non-toxic; Antibiosis
Warranty: 5 years
Cleaning: Easy with water

NET Padbol

Type: Padbol court net
- Net length: 6 m
- Net height: 92 cm
- Material: polypropylene
- thickness: 3 mm, knotless
- Mesh size: 45 mm
- Top with steel cable edging, PVC coated (3,5 / 4,5 mm) incl.
- edging tape made of PES - Net color: black


Padbol Post (2pc): 1m height, dimensions: 8x8

light court padbol

LED: IP-66 Rated, Cable used for lights.
-LED pole total height: 6m

For more information please call with technical support

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