Sports court manufacturing Sports Facilities in UAE

Sports Facilities


We provide full sport facility systems for all kinds of sports listed below. Each facility system comes with their respective aspects depending on the sport. For example, a football field would need fencing, artificial grass, line markings (carved and filled with white grass) and goals.If you are not looking for a full system, or have a partial system, or you are looking for maintenance only, contact us so we can fully understand you and commit to your needs.



Whether you need an indoor or outdoor tennis court, with the intricate line markings for two players or more, we can do it for you. Contact us and we will design the court under your requirements. We can provide you with swimming pools for all types of qualities.
Table tennis

Table Tennis

Table Tennis consists of a table, with a net divider and rackets. We provide equipment, including the tables.



Handball is a popular sport in the UAE. We provide outdoor/indoor courts, line markings, equipment and a full system as you see fit. International standards or customized dimensions.
running track

Running Tracks

A running track requires antislipping material designed to absorb impacts and prevent slipping. Running tracks are all about the flooring you use that determines its quality and comfort level. We can provide you with flooring that is resistant to the harsh weather of the United Arab Emirates.



Golf requires skill and good planning to design and implement. Save yourself the headache. We will plan it for you. Since golf has many aspects related to it, such as the type of obstacles or "hazards", a discussion may be necessary before performing the erection of the field. We can provide you a natural turf of grass with customized dimensions.
Sports court manufacturing Sports Facilities in UAE

Swimming Pool

Swimming pools need attention and care. We can maintain your swimming pools. But that's not all. We can provide you with swimming pools for all types of qualities. Pump and tank work, drainage system and flooring around the swimming pool, all included when you choose us. Steel/Aluminum fencing around the field. We will not disappoint you.



Cricket is a sport played all over in the world, best known in India. We have special cricket artificial grass and natural grass. We can provide a field in the form of international standards or custom dimensions if you need it.

Fitness Center / Gym

Planning to renovate your gym or fitness center? Or opening a brand new one? We have the equipment and can customize anything you need in the gym. Floor tiles fixing, rubber flooring, equipment maintenance, etc.


Attractive Basketball Courts

Indoor and outdoor basketball courts, with good quality flooring that prevents slipping, looks good and survives the weather. We can customize the court for you with any sizes you need. We also follow the international standards of NBA for basketball courts if you need a professional court. We're just one call away from providing you what you need.
Close up legs of professional soccer, football players fighting for ball on field isolated on white background

Football Fields

Indoors or outdoors, you can't go wrong when choosing us to make your football facilities. We provide one of the finest artificial grass available from many brands and countries. Learn more here. Acryllic football flooring available for outdoor/indoor football courts. Steel/Aluminum fencing around the field. Line markings that last. Unbeatable warranties.

sports eq


We provide equipment for the following types of sports: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Padel Tennis, Table Tennis, Cricket, Swimming, Golf Handball, Gyms / Fitness


We provide outdoor, beach and indoor volley ball courts. Full system with line markings, posts and nets are available. If you need to maintain an existing volleyball court, we can maintain it for you. Our work comes with warranties.

other Service

ALAMAL ALSAREA Company offers its services in the installation and manufacture of awnings.
School canopy Car canopy Protection canopy canopy Pool canopy court canopy Wooden canopy

Acrylic Sports Flooring

Durable, hygienic, easy to repair. Anti-slip, highly elastic, difficult to break.
Designed especially for sports. Designed for athletes.We provide: Acrylic floor paint

  • Standard Acrylic Sports flooring
  • Cushion acrylic flooring
  • Acrylic on rubber flooring

Artificial and Natural Turfs

Available for football, cricket, padel tennis, tennis, golf. Adheres to the international standards for the length of the grass. Different lengths available if needed. Yellow, green, dark green, white, blue, purple and yellow colors available.Chinese, Turkish, Polish, UK and more countries and quality types.

EPDM Rubber Flooring

Durable synthetic rubber made from recycled rubber tires. Resists the harsh ultraviolet rays that come from the sun. Expensive, but rarely needs maintenance. Saving you more from the costs of maintaining. Stylable in many different ways.

Vinyl Flooring

Made from fiberglass,
PVC vinyl and plasticizer.
Durable, multi-layered, waterproof. Sheet panel flooring and panel flooring available. Great for basketball or other indoor sports.

Horse Stable Flooring

Stylish, elegant and smooth.
Easy on their hooves.
Horses will thank you for this flooring.
Comes in many difference colors, shapes and sizes.