Football court

AL AMAL ALSAREA Company has full experience in installing football fields according to the latest international specifications.
Where football and its stadiums are among the most required recreational sports events in the world today.
The basic services that we provide are
(infrastructure, turf ground, lighting services, safety nets and building systems).
The works carried out in the installation of the football field include the following works :

Components of the court and its specifications in detail

football court size

football Court dimensions:
  • The international legal area of the five-a-side court: 22 * 42 square meters, which means the total legal area of the five-a-side court is 924 meters.
  • With the international legal area of the hexagonal football field, it will be 27 * 47 square meters, and this is the international area approved by FIFA.
  • international legal area approved by FIFA for the seven-a-side football fields, it will be 35 * 55 square meters, with a total area of 1925 square meters, and its capacity will be about 7-8 people per team.

The work in flooring include:

  • Make of Self leveling
  • Make a layer of catch
  • Make a layer of road base
  • Make a layer of black sand
  • Make a tamping layer for the ground with all the previous steps.


for footbal stadium we have many type from Grass in terms of length :
  • 50 MM
  • 55 MM
  • 60 MM

LED Light

  • Supply& installation LED light with steel post with cable conduction and DP
  • Lighting devices in football fields are set and installed in a symmetrical way to fully illuminate the stadium.

Line marking

  • Line markings must be in accordance with the Field of Play Dimensions, not exceed 12cm in width as per FIFA Laws of the Game, and be clear and accurate.

Goal pair

we offer Goal pair


*Supply& installation of 6-meter-high PVC Coated Chain Link fence constructed from M.S Pipe fully PVC coated, polyurethane wet coating corrosion protection in RAL 6005 colour 15 years’ structural warranty on fence * Supply& installation of double leaf gate (3m wide*3m high)