School and office furniture

School and office furniture

ALAMAL ALSAREA Company for the manufacture of school and office furniture ALAMAL ALSAREA Company provides its services in the manufacture and installation of school and kindergarten supplies of iron or wooden furniture, including desks, classrooms, chairs and school stores For more details, visit our social media platforms or contact our support team Our technician.

School furniture

Manufacture of school chairs and classroom chairs in various colors and sizes according to a long-term warranty on all furniture.

Al Amal Al Sarea has all the school furniture you need from desks & chairs to storage. Suitable for pupils & staff alike designed to keep your class tidy.

Classrooms furniture

We offer our services in preparing classrooms, including tables and chairs, and insuring the manufacture and installation of all school supplies.

Children’s play equipment

ALAMAL ALSAREA Company provides its services in the manufacture of children’s toys and the preparation of children’s playgrounds, while ensuring safety and security standards.
Installing Designing, and manufacturing our playground equipment has taken us across the UAE, developing more play areas for children in Schools, Holiday Parks, Pubs, Play Parks.
Al Amal Al Sarea only use the highest quality timber and materials to ensure the lifespan and durability of all our playground equipments. 

Office furniture

Preparing offices through the implementation of chairs and tables and preparing workroom equipment, accuracy and speed in implementation and customized design.
Al Amal Al Sarea designing and manufacturing office furniture, we are proud to be a truly UAE manufacturer of office furniture. We believe our manufacturing capabilities offer more flexibility for customers, higher-quality furniture and more flexibility for bespoke furniture.
Al Amal Al Sarea manufacturing facility, our factory is split into two main areas: the workshop where we produce high-quality office furniture ( tables, desking and storage) and the dedicated upholstery factory where we make our versatile chair ranges. These two compartments are separated to ensure a clean working environment and high-quality finishing.

School and office furniture manufacturer

Over 10 years we’ve been carving out a unique spot in the education furniture industry, with warm customer service and fantastic lead times that you won’t find anywhere.
Our purpose-built factory in ajman, we manufacture a wide range of stock units and undertake bespoke projects to meet the complex needs of the education, healthcare, and public sector industry.
Our clients are always at the heart of our business and our dedication and commitment to service and support is the reason we are recognised as a leader in our industry.
Al Amal Al Sarea work with some of the biggest resellers in the UAE, you’ll find us in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Rak, as well as an extensive list of nationwide and local resellers. Our versatile and vast range of furniture includes tray storage, cupboards, bookcases, workstations, desks, project tables, sensory play, room dividers, book storage and chairs. All furniture is built to last from MFC, MDF and steel and is available in a wide range of sizes, finishes and customised with trays in any colour or size.
Al Amal Al Sarea work onsite, state of the art manufacturing processes enable us to take on projects of any size, for any industry. Whether you’re a local small business or corporate enterprise our flexible approach to production and planning means we can meet your specific requirements. We have experience building and delivering bespoke furniture for the Government, Healthcare, Leisure industries, Education and Retail, Hospitality.
Al Amal Al Sarea understand the complex needs of the healthcare sector including cost, suitability and value for money. Our wide range of healthcare furniture is built to last, easy to clean and provides value for money for years to come. We manufacture furniture for nurse’s stations, wards, bedside, clinic and medicine storage, waiting rooms, IT and surgeries.