Upholstery and home furniture

ALAMAL ALSAREA Company provides its services in the upholstery and home furniture industry Bedrooms, living rooms and household appliances It offers modern, modern designs and high quality In the manufacture of home sofas, beds and home wood pieces Luxurious designs and high skills in installation and manufacturing At a price that suits the customer..


Upholstery AL AMAL ALSAREA company offer service in In the implementation of home furniture.
Luxury All you need in the bedroom Modern and elegant designs that include drawers, storage and tables made of wood to provide support, strength and luxury in design.

Upholstery stander bed

AL AMAL ALSAREA company for installing Furniture  house offer our service in installing new modern headboard in new design and new vision like new modern content headboard and bad and bench   for High quality and quality at reasonable prices.

Upholstery manufacture

AL AMAL ALSAREA Company for the manufacture of home furniture, bedrooms, beds and headboards and household woodcuts.

School umbrellas

ALAMAL ALSAREA Company specializes in the manufacture of school umbrellas Designing heat-resistant school umbrellas in different shapes and colors, including iron or fabric type.

Hospitality furnture

Al Amal Al Sarea furniture manufacture and supply customized furniture solutions for the hospitality industry. We supply chairs, sofas, banquette seating, tables and bedroom furniture to new build and refurbishment projects all over the UAE. For over 15 years, we run business has manufactured and supplied unique high-quality furniture for indoor and outdoor spaces.
Upholstery furniture is an integral, yet often unconsidered, part of our daily routine. research suggests that up to 75% of the day is spent sitting and/or sleeping on furniture.
If this be an ergonomic office chair, your favorite sofa, a coffee on your reading chair, sleeping comfortably in your bedroom, traveling in car seats etc. It is well documented how interiors, spaces and places can influence wellbeing, but little academic attention paid to the direct effects of furniture to wellbeing.

Upholstery furniture

We pride ourselves on being one of the UAE’s finest bespoke hand built furniture manufacturers, which is why over 80% of our clients come straight from referrals. Not to mention the large numbers of satisfied customers who come back always.
10 year we’ve worked with individual customers, interior designers and decorators to create uniquely beautiful pieces of hand built furniture, for the most discerning customers.
At Al Amal all of our furniture is hand built. Hand built frames, hand built sofas, hand built chairs, hand built footstools and hand built bed heads. Even our buttons are hand built . Why is hand built so important? Simple, Hand built means that we can create exactly what you want, Right down to the smallest detail.
Always on time every time and always on budget, All to the highest possible finish, whatever the shape or size and no matter how unique the specification, we can and will deliver your hand built furniture – right to your house.
Al Amal Al Sarea, also design and create bespoke headboards to your own precise specification with a choice of 1000s of fabrics to suit all tastes and budgets clients.
Whilst on the surface, great design might appear to be all about style colour and comfort there are a number of core values that underpin all of our products, these are the quality of the components that we use and the attention to detail that goes into selecting them, we constantly address and feedback the performance of our own suppliers in the knowledge that a reliable supply chain is critical to our retail clients.
Fabric selection process isn’t just about presenting a product that looks good, it also means presenting something that really works and meets with our exacting quality standards, certificated performance reports, from a accredited laboratory are always sought, and verified, before we present a new fabric to our clients, unless specifically requested, we work to the current UAE general domestic standard of compliance on all body fabrics, testing compliance in addition to wear ability, and colour fastness for furniture.
We rigorous in-house schedule of testing is strictly maintained and updated throughout the life of a fabric range, ensuring quality standards never slip. We work with our suppliers to ensure that critical testing regimes are always adhered to, as well as carrying out our own periodic due diligence testing, again, always via a accredited laboratory in UAE.